13 December 2010

Quote & Some Late News

Being a few chapters from the end of Beautiful Darkness, I have been experiencing this feeling myself:

"My test of a good novel is dreading to begin the last chapter."

-Thomas Helm

Also, I'd just like to share some exciting news, in case there are any Cassandra Clare fans who haven't heard yet - the part of Clary has been cast for the City of Bones movie. The actress's name is Lily Collins, and you can view the full blog post about it on Cassandra Clare's blog here. Also, the cover for City of Fallen Angels, the fourth book in The Mortal Instruments, will be revealed tomorrow morning! Lovely news - feels like I've been waiting for the cover to be revealed so long that I might just spontaneously combust when I actually see it :) And, in other news (that I'm about 6 days late in letting you know about), Last Sacrifice  by Richelle Mead is finally out! It was released on December 7 and is the last book in the Vampire Academy series. I cannot even begin to describe how amazing this series is, so definitely pick it up!

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