24 December 2010

Best LGBT Characters

Again, two series winners for this category: Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments  & The Infernal Devices and Sarah Rees Brennan's The Demon's Lexicon (I would choose Dumbledore, but I've been reading about him for years). In TMI and TID, we have Magnus Bane, who is a glittery, wise, powerful, snarky, shimmery, powerful, bisexual warlock. I can't even describe the amazingness of Magnus - and then there's Alec, Magnus's shy, protective, gay, boyfriend, who is so adorable that I have a huge fictional-best-friend crush on him. Both of these characters are fantastic. And then there's Jamie from TDL trilogy - witty, nervous, hilarious, sweet, and gay. Jamie is just so much fun; I'd love to spend a day with him, just laughing anf joking and not engaging in any knife-throwing activity. All three of these characters represent diversity in the world, and I hope more LGBT characters will continue to make their appearance in books, especially YA lit.

Who are your favorite LGBT characters?

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