25 December 2010

Best Parody

Honestly, I don't read real, published parodies very often. But this year I read Pride & Prejudice & Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith, and it was excellent. However, even better was the Harvard Lampoon's Nightlight, which was a parody of Twilight. Now, I am not a Twilight-hater. But this parody was just so side-splittingly hilarious and witty, so perfectly mocking and satirical, I couldn't help but think that it was infinitely more entertaining than the real Twilight. For anyone who loves or hates Twilight or even hasn't read it, this book is a must-read! Here's an example, from the back cover:
About three things I was absolutely certain.
First, Edwart was most likely my soul mate, maybe.
Second, there was a vampire part of him–which I assumed was wildly out of his control–that wanted me dead.
And third, I unconditionally, irrevocably, impenetrably, heterogeneously, gynecologically, and disreputably wished he had kissed me.

What's your opinion of Twilight? About parodies in general?

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