28 December 2010

Best Love Triangles/Squares/Etc.

This was definitely a difficult one to choose, but we have: Will/Tessa/Jem/Sophie from Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare and Dimitri/Rose/Adrian from the Vampire Academy series. Both of these love triangles are so well-written that it is impossible to decide who to choose. In CA, Will is extremely hot, quite rude, snarky, and hiding a dark secret. Jem is sweet, goodhearted, wise, and dying. This results in me being Team Undecided Until Next Book. And of course, Jem could go with either Tessa or Sophie...In VA, Dimitri is strong, brave, and good. Adrian is funny, not always appropriate, and slightly crazy. Another undecided, because Dimitri and Adrian are both so darn amazing. The VA one has been resolved with Last Sacrifice coming out recently, but the CA one is still going strong!

What are your favorite love triangles/squares/etc.? And who do you choose out of them? Also, on a side note, I've been looking for good books with girl-boy-girl love triangles, where the boy has to choose from two girls, for a change. Any suggestions?

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